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Welcome to StarCoffee 100% Arabic coffee People lives from coffee
Welcome to StarCoffee
Did you know coffee is the second
selling merchandise in the world?.
100% Arabic coffee
We use only 100% Arabic coffee beans
This beans are catalogued as the most espectacular
coffee in the world.
People lives from coffee
125 million people lives from coffee production
25million are small producers.

100% Colombian Arabico

Colombia is probably the world's best-known coffee producer and ranks second worldwide in yearly production. A high standard of excellence is maintained with great pride and careful growing on thousands of small family farms across the country. Such care and attention results in consistently good, mild coffees, with a well-balanced acidity. The rugged Colombian landscape provides the perfect natural environment for growing, but the terrain makes it difficult to transport the harvested coffee beans to production and shipment centers. Even today, this is often done by mule or Jeep. Colombian Arabico, the highest grade, has a delicate, aromatic sweetness while Excelso Grade is softer and slightly more acidic.

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Our Menu

Panela & Cinnamon

Hot beverage with Colombian Panela and powder cinnamon

Colombian original


Short drink with character, intense and concentrated.

Pure flavor


Espresso mix covered with steamed milk.

Sweet pleasure


A more concentrated espresso with less water, increasing the flavor of the coffee.

Concentrated flavor


Espresso with a creamy texture vaporized milk.

Creamy texture


The irresistible taste traditional mocha sweetened with chocolate.

Irresistible taste

Traditional Coffee

Filtered drink, which extracts all the flavor and aroma of coffee.

Flavor and aroma


Extract of very aromatic and concentrated coffee covered by a golden cream.

Very aromatic



Soon you will discover a lot of our types of coffees, we have flavours for every one.


We use all beans actually. But we prefer the Colombian Arabico, because it´s stronger.


In our cars youll find some pastry to eat with a very good cup of coffee.


It´s simple. You can make all of our products to go.

Feel the love of Colombian coffee The Experience

Taste our unique Growers Coffee sweetened with cinnamon and panela.

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Our Classic cars

We use remanufactured cars to make our coffee. Those are traditional cars in Colombia. It´s called Jeep Willys model 1953 and 1954, and they exist only in mountains and high terrains where no regular car can go.

Arabic Coffee

Coffea Arabica is descended from the original coffee trees discovered in Ethiopia. These trees produce a fine, mild, aromatic coffee and represent approximately 70% of the world's coffee production. The beans are flatter and more elongated than Robusta and lower in caffeine.

Colombian Peasants

Most of the Colombian Peasants lives from coffee growing. It´s a tradition that pass generation by generation, that´s the reason we have to say we produce the best coffee in the world, because it comes with a large chain of family secrets.

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